Haven Review: Death Becomes Her

"Magic Hour (Part Two)" didn't quite have the same finesse that part one had, but we needed to find out what happened last week, didn't we? Audrey seemed to grow up a little since her trip to Colorado and I don't think she'll be taking things for granted any more. What else happened?

We figured out why Moira was so angry at her sister. Because at age 34, Noelle looked like a teenager and Moira looked like her mother. I was shocked to find out the reason Moira hated her sister was because the last time the Troubles came around Noelle was eight and didn't save their dad. I never would have guessed her to be 34. Okay, I'm being silly, but Moira's attitude was so utterly annoying that I almost clapped when Audrey finally pulled her gun and threatened to kill her so her Trouble might kick in. It was absolutely brilliant! Too bad it didn't work. Read More...



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