Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Child of the Moon” – In Dreams

Will there ever be a show in which I don’t hate the character played by Alan Dale? He’s probably a very nice man in real life, but the roles he’s chosen have done nothing to endear him to the American public. In this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, "Child of the Moon," his King George (known as Albert Spencer in Storybrooke), sought revenge on Charming for being, well, not exactly like his brother, I guess, and used poor Ruby to get it.

The girl was already having a stressful day. She couldn’t find her red cloak and the first full moon since the curse was lifted had come upon them. She was right to worry; without the cloak, she did change during the night. But was she responsible for the death of the sweet auto mechanic who, before he asked Ruby out, confessed that he had been Cinderella’s mouse friend, Gus, in their previous lives? Ruby was convinced the murder was her fault, and with Spencer whipping the whole town in a frenzy, it looked like Charming might lose control of Storybrooke. Read More...



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