Revenge Season 2 Review “Penance” – One Step Ahead of the Game

I always thought that the first person who found out that Emily was really Amanda Clarke would be the next person on Revenge to die, but in this week’s episode, "Penance," Emily not only made the choice to tell Mason Treadwell the truth, but she let him live, even going so far as to save his life when Amanda decided he should pay the ultimate price.

Not that Emily did this out of the sudden goodness of her heart; he did back her into a corner by putting many of the pieces together, although his tiny little mind just assumed that she and Amanda were lovers in juvvie. She went ahead with this plan when it became clear that the man would be nothing but a nuisance. It’s all about control. By revealing the secret herself, she stayed in control of it, especially when she used Treadwell’s guilt over having destroyed her father to convince him to confess to framing Conrad for the White Haired Man’s murder. Read More...


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