Boardwalk Empire Season 3 “The Milkmaid’s Lot” Review – Nucky Unfiltered

The huge explosion courtesy of Gyp Rosetti somehow left Nucky wavering between amusingly loopy and scarily acute. It was like the Boardwalk Empire version of the Parks & Rec episode, "The Flu," where Leslie is dazed and confused from the virus but wins over supporters (and Ben’s heart) when she gives a stellar pitch for the Harvest Festival.

The loopy moments were jaw-dropping at times: referring to Margaret by his first wife’s name (Mabel), accusing Chalky of being "uppity" when he confused him for the shoeshine boy, forgetting Emily’s birthday, confusing Eddie with Eli, offering Margaret the earring that Billie lost last week and not being aware of whether he was sitting or standing at times. These moments were all set to the frequent image of a smiling Billie with embers from the bombing raining down her face as she perished. Read More...


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