90210 Season 5 Review “Hate 2 Love” – Hackers Gonna Hack

I’m beginning to think that whatever Naomi is told do, she will do the exact opposite. So if instead ofasking her to make peace with Alex in "Hate 2 Love," this week’s episode of 90210, Max had asked her to escalate the war between them, she would have smiled and let it go. But maybe it’s good that she didn’t because in trying to take down her husband’s BFF, she found out that it isn’t just her that Alex hates. He doesn’t like any of the women in Max’s life. The only question at this point is whether his issues stem from wanting to be in control or wanting Max as a little more than just a friend.

It may be be a moot point, though, because if Max ever finds out that Annie’s hacker crush was able to get into his company’s files by way of Naomi’s cell phone when she was trying to get into Alex’s email to dig up dirt on him, that might be a revelation that their marriage won’t be able to survive. That also might be the most complicated sentence I’ve ever written. Read More...



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