Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “I Ka Wa Mamua” – Nightmares of The Past, Present and Future

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called "I Ka Wa Mamua" (which is Hawaiian for "In A Time Past"), Danny relives moments from his past while facing a very uncertain future.

It’s almost hard for me to put into words not only how much I enjoyed this episode, but also how much it affected me – and that’s coming from a writer, so you know that’s saying something.

First of all, I really liked how they messed around with time in this one. Dropping us first into New York with Danny back on his old beat and dealing with some very bad men. Then we pop forward to Danny and Steve chasing an unknown bad guy (at least to us) and ending up staring at a bomb. Only then did we drop back to before the bomb to figure out how we got there. Read More...



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