Family Guy Review: Weiver Yug Ylimaf

When Family Guy has a special episode (not to be confused with a "very special episode" like Blossom), the show doesn’t suffer from the marked change in structure or tone. If anything, episodes like "Yug Ylimaf" shine because they break through the monotony that the series can occasionally experience.

With Stewie and Brian experiencing time flowing backwards, working to try and prevent his unbirth by fixing his time machine, this meant two things. One, the show basically becomes science-fiction like all the other time-travel episodes, with Stewie’s explanations of why everything is happening. Two, people doing things backwards is ripe for humor. The writers and animators clearly loved the "let’s see everything happen in reverse" sight gag. They loved it so much that they kept going back to that well again and again. It was clever, but seeing things like another Peter and Giant Chicken fight play out backwards got a bit old as they played out. Read More...


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