The Good Wife Review: The Comedian, Breasts and Brazil

"Anatomy of a Joke" introduced us to a woman, guest star Christina Ricci, who used humor not only to make a living, but to get through the rough parts of life. I really identified with her, and couldn't help but giggle with her foot-in-mouth moments. She was a wonderful guest star bringing along an interesting message.

Two weeks in a row and the focus was on women and their place in the world. I wonder if the power struggle between men and women and male bits and women's bits will ever be concluded.

There were two stories talking about penises. One about breast cancer. I don't know what slang words for penises are allowed to be used on prime time, but apparently none for breasts are allowed to be used, as even in The Good Wife they managed to attempt a humorous way to mask any of them instead of really saying them out loud. It's ludicrous. Read More...


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