The Walking Dead Review: Wreck-It Rick

If it wasn't obvious before, it's obvious now: Woodbury is no Mayberry and the Governor is certainly no Andy Griffith.

Severed heads in fish tanks, the Governor keeping his walker daughter around for family time, and one on one fights surrounded by clawing walkers for the town's entertainment? I think I'd take one last shower, nab some clean clothes, and get out of the creepy community.

Except as viewers, we have the ultimate understanding of the deep seated secrets hidden with the leader and his home that Michonne and Andrea aren't really privy to yet. Sure, Michonne has her suspicions and she's seen the caged walkers, but she never really had any proof that her gut was telling the truth. As for Andrea, she seems too smitten with the Governor's smile and charming personality to even consider the dangers, but maybe experiencing the walker fights might snap some sense into her. Read More...


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