The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Rolls

We begin with the Governor brushing someone’s hair. At first we don’t see who it is. It could be the brown-haired woman whom we saw in his bed. It could be Andrea acting out some Lori fantasy role-playing. Then a patch of skin peels off the person’s scalp and the camera pans forward and we see who we presume is the Governor’s daughter, the pause that he never filled in while talking to Andrea about his family. (Side note: I have a friend who worked on that flesh-eating virus movie Cabin Fever, in the sound-effects department, and he worked on that one scene in the movie where the girl who's obsessed with her looks tries to shave her legs in the bath but keeps scraping her skin off instead. They tried all sorts of way to come up with the perfect sound for that and finally settled on a CD being brushed against facial stubble.)

I think this was supposed to make us feel creeped-out by the Governor but, for me, that did not happen. In fact, when that part happened I said out loud to the people I was watching with, "He’s the best." This is essentially what Hershel and his family did with the zombies in the barn and I had the same reaction that time, too. I didn’t feel nearly as shocked as this show seemed to want me to. These people have been living in a world filled with zombies for less than a year now. There is no guidebook for what is going on. They can’t text ChaCha and ask whether their loved ones will recover once a cure is discovered. So they do what they must to cope, provided it doesn’t endanger anyone’s life. If the Governor wants to chill with his gnarly daughter, in the privacy of his own home, I have no problem with that. But maybe next time he should check that his window blind slats are fully closed instead of weirdly angled so that people on the street can peep right in. Read More...


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