The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Parties, Parades, and Living Pets

Friends, did you have a good week? Are you dealing well with Jermaine changing his name from "Jackson" to "Jacksun"? Do we really believe Cynthia thinks "beauty fades, but class is forever" after her antics this week? Let’s get to it.

I think we’re contractually obligated to start each show with Nene, and so we do again this week. She’s in L.A. for a pride parade with her son 13-year-old son Brentt, who I hope one day starts a band with his father, Gregg, called Double Gs and the Double Ts. Nene is proud to sit in The New Normal convertible while Brentt blows a whistle and walks along, gliding past Mick’s Flaming Gay Bar. In her voice-over, she informs us that gay people invented nail polish, weaves, and earrings before weirdly (offensively?) calling gay people "half man and half lady." Like all Real Housewives, she finds a way to turn the pride parade around to herself, openly weeping about how cool it is that fans recognize her; it’s a little selfish but oddly sincere, since people are legitimately genuflecting as her car rolls past. Gregg shows up, Nene says she’s still proud to share her big moments with him, and it really seems like they’re going to work it out. I’m a little bit concerned that no one is wearing sunglasses but everyone is staring directly into the sky – they know that the sunshade Mr. Burns created on The Simpsons was fake, right? Read More....


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