Raising Hope Season 3 Review “What Up, Bro?”

Raising Hope returned tonight after being pre-empted by last week’s presidential election, as Jimmy learns yet another big secret from his childhood in "What Up, Bro?"

After seeing a whole family in a picture frame with one of his baby pictures, Jimmy finds out that he was adopted! When I first heard this, I was shocked! I of course thought that Burt and Virginia were saying that they adopted him, and I was all ready to tear this plot twist apart. We’ve seen plenty of flashbacks with teenage Virginia being pregnant, so I was happy to find out that they meant that they put Jimmy upfor adoption, but it was still a little sad learning that they did this to Jimmy. We’ve seen from all of the flashbacks over the last few seasons how crappy of parents Burt and Virginia were, but it’s always been played for humor. Finding out that they actually went so far to give him up for adoption was not as funny as it was sad, but I’m glad that Jimmy took it well and didn’t dwell on how depressed it could have made him. Read More...



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