Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “I Walk the Line” – Ruby vs. Bluebell

Election night finally arrived in Bluebell in "I Walk the Line," this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. Without ruffling too many feathers can I just say that I wish last week’s real world election had ended like this one? C’mon…a big makeout session between the dueling parties? Doesn’t matter who you voted for or how you feel about the outcome…that would have been funny.

So even though the Official Bluebell Voter Chicken kept eating corn from the dish under Ruby’s picture, and Wade’s ex-wife refused to vote since her trailer was six feet out of town, and Lavon nearly blew the whole thing by practically endorsing Ruby at the debate, he still managed to win the election by one vote. It all came down to Brick Breeland, although he might not have voted for Mayor Hayes if he had any idea about the history between the man and his precious Lemon. Read More...



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