Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Predator” – Aim for the Head, Emily

So, the guy you like has a thing for the girl you hate, but you can’t tell him because he’ll just think your objections are because you want him, not because the girl is evil. In "Emily and the Predator," this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD, our titular heroine faced this exact conundrum when Will confessed that he wanted to ask Cassandra out. Apparently, he likes his women bitchy and obvious.

I really wish Emily would listen to Tyra more because the girl knows how to handle bitches, but even when it seems like Emily has finally figured out how to deal with Cassandra, she always gets tripped up and screwed over by her gullibility. I understand that this conflict is what fuels the show, and I appreciate the writers trying to show that Cassandra really is completely jealous of Emily, but I find her character so unforgivably reprehensible that it’s hard to watch. Read More...



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