Vegas Season 1 Review “The Real Thing”

Vegas continues to improve as the series progresses. I like the new characters they’ve added, and I like the pace at which the story is unfolding.

A few thoughts about "The Real Thing":

The case of the week was a dentist named Howard who was murdered in his office. Turns out, Howard was a bit of a gambler. Actually, that’s an understatement. Howard was addicted to gambling. He’dgambled away everything he had including his son’s college fund. According to his (soon to be ex) wife, Howard was flat broke but yet he’d somehow managed to pay off his bookie the $37,000 he owed. During the course of their investigation, Lamb and Co. discovered that Howard was involved in making counterfeit casino chips. It was a rather genius scheme actually. Apparently, dental cement has the same weight and feel as what they use to make the actual chips. So, since Howard was the only one that could legally obtain dental cement, he made the fake chips and one of the cashiers at the Savoy changed them out for cash. Turns out, the cashier’s boyfriend was in on the scheme too and killed Howard when Howard refused to go for a bigger score at the Savoy. Ralph and Jack arrested the cashier, and she confessed to everything. Mia’s accidental discovery of one of the fake chips at the beginning is what pulled Vince into Ralph’s investigation. Read More...


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