Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 6

After a strong couple of weeks, Fresh Meat seems to have rewound itself for episode six, discounting all of the character development for JP, Josie and Oregon that we’d experienced over the first two series. This is disappointing to say the least and, with only two more weeks left of the series, more than a little worrying.

Heather is still hanging around the house as if she’s paying rent, and we start with her walking in on JP whilst he’s showering. Because he’s JP, this has a profound effect on him throughout the episode and gives him the permanent horn, much to Kingsley’s displeasure. While I found myself tolerating, even half-rooting for, Kingsley and Josie’s tentative relationship last year, the addition of Heather really hasn’t added anything to the house dynamic. If anything, she makes Kinglsey appear even more unlikeable, and she doesn’t have much to do besides interact with her friend and boyfriend each week. Read More...


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