'Gossip Girl' Recap: Sex Tape Scandal

This week on Gossip Girl, the Serena and Dan 10-second sex tape is finally released to reign muppet-haired terror during Cotillion. This group of people have ruined so many Cotillions, you would think their names would be at the top of some kind of society black list. Why are people continually inviting them to events they only subsequently ruin?

Throughout season 6, Serena and Dan's ill-timed sex tape from last season's finale has been hanging over all our heads, waiting to explode in dramatic glory. It was Chekhov's sex tape, if you will, which is a saying you can really only employ on Gossip Girl.

Like the tree in the proverbial woods, if a sex tape is recorded and not broadcast to a room full of teenagers at a formal event, did it even really happen? We knew it would eventual drop and, like the well-timed gossip bombs of old, destroy newly healing relationships in the process.



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