Gossip Girl Recap: He’s an Adult and He Treats Me Like One

"In some countries, older people are considered attractive," Minion Jessica observed on last night's episode of Gossip Girl. "Not this one," Blair responded, exchanging her 21-year-old model for a younger one. In this youth-obsessed society, in which body hair, wrinkles, and extra pudge are eradicated the second they appear, how can anyone tell who the adults are? This is one of the questions archeologists researching the Upper East Side millennials will one day ask themselves. They need only watch one episode of Gossip Girl to find the answer: No one is an adult. Not Lilly, who laconically undermines her children and sleeps with their boyfriends. Not Rufus, the former moral center of the show, who cannot succeed without the financial support of CeCe Rhodes. And certainly not Steven. If Serena was looking for another disappointing Man Child of a father figure, as her mother suggested last week, she sure got one. With their Dynasty clothes and disposable incomes, our characters may think they're adults, but they are children, and Upper East Side is their Neverland, their lives one long fancy dance in which they partners, back and forth, forever and ever, Or at least for the next five episodes. Read More...



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