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Revolution Recap: Running In Place

We’re far enough into Revolution’s first season to know one thing for certain – this show is never going to be great. The best we can hope for now is something stupid in a fun way, or fun in a stupid way. I’ve modified my expectations accordingly: in order to be successful, Revolution need only keep me entertained for an hour. I no longer expect cohesive storytelling or well-developed characters, but I at least need to be engaged. “Ties That Bind” couldn’t even do that.

At this point, it’s honestly tough to be disappointed by Revolution, a series that still has some potential but squanders more and more of it on a weekly basis. “Ties That Bind,” however, was the weakest outing yet. On the plus side, we’ve answered the question of, “How low can you go?” By default, next week’s episode should almost certainly be an improvement. Read More....



| Nov 16, 2012 11:39PM EST
Thanks for the link. I have adjusted my standards time and time again, but I agree that Revolution is never going to be great. I was talking to a few of my coworkers at DISH or at least the ones that still watch Revolution and everyone called the sister double cross before it happened. There is just not enough clever writing to keep up with the amazing concept and this episode exemplifies that to a t. Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be watching next week’s episode. My Hopper automatically records the big four networks during prime time, so even if it has already aired I will be able to change my mind later if I find out they actually lived up to expectations, but I doubt that day will come.

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