Revolution "Ties That Bind" Review: The Rio Bland

This week Monroe sent his deadliest man after Miles and the pendant, but it was Nora who takes center stage in one of Revolution's most boring episodes yet.


| Nov 16, 2012 10:29PM EST
Thanks for the link. After I realized my DISH Hopper has been automatically recording the big four networks during prime time I started watching shows that are usually on while I am working, and Revolution was my favorite, but I agree that this episode should have been seen in fast forward. The concept of the show was so fresh, but it seems that Revolution is just destined for mediocrity. At least I can still get a chuckle from the guys in my office at DISH calling Miles Han Solo still, lol. But as for the next episode I am not even going to watch it. With how many shows my DISH Hopper has been recording I only have time to watch the best of the best now.

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