The Mindy Project Recap: Testing Patients

Watching a show you love inch past a good pilot and into long-term life as a weekly series feels like the early stages of a relationship: You keep expecting it to disappoint you, looking for tiny signs of disasters to come. But sometimes, the show continues to earn your affection, despite imperfections that you’re pretty sure you can live with.

This is where I am with The Mindy Project, perhaps a similar place to where Mindy is with new love Josh. I wish he could stay forever, or at least a long while, even though I realize that, due to the laws of keeping a sitcom interesting, he probably can’t. Their morning-after illumination of a double-standard — girl in guy’s shirt = adorable, guy in girl’s jeans = embarrassing — cracked Mindy’s romantic-comedy lens a bit and hinted at the possibility of a real relationship instead. It also hinted at how relationships can be better than romantic comedy clichés: Josh didn’t care one bit that Mindy’s jeans were big on him; she was the one freaking out. Read More...


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