Private Practice Season 6 Review “The Next Episode” – Paging Maury Povich

Private Practice returned this week and it was all about Sam.

A new girlfriend is not the only new venture Sam is exploring this season. In this week’s episode, we learned that Sam was filming a reality television pilot. He hoped that allowing a camera crew to follow him around during his work day would dispel myths about medical issues and help people lead healthier lives. You know what they say about the road to hell and those good intentions, right? Along with Sam’s new project, we got a new addition to Private Practice this week as Alfred Woodard guest starred as the doctor’s mother. As a connoisseur of reality television, I know firsthand that watching a control freak adjust to losing control of his well-laid plans has the potential for ratings gold. I’m sure, however, Sam would not see this as an upside. Oh well. Read More...


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