Modern Family “Mistery Date” & Suburgatory “The Wishbone” Review

Comedic misunderstandings are one of the old standbys that sitcoms use throughout their run. If donecorrectly, it’s an easy source of laughs and an easy way to fill some script pages. It’s a common trope, but it really takes some thoughtfulness to pull it off in a comical and competent way. Tonight, Modern Family gave us just such an example.

The perfect candidate for the classic gay misunderstanding was Phil. He’s just friendly enough to make it seem to a gay man that he’s hitting on them, and just oblivious enough to situations to be able to convincingly act like he has no idea what’s going on. I was fully prepared for the disappointing ending featuring the stock come-on by Matthew Broderick’s character. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised when they took a slightly different turn at the end and had Broderick’s character call it off to a still oblivious Phil. Watching Phil play back the kiss in his mind after Broderick left was good work by Ty Burrell. I was glad to see that they even resisted the urge to do some form "So that’s what that was." Phil’s happy-go-lucky nature was the perfect person to use in this storyline. Read More...


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