CSI Season 13 Review “Fallen Angels” – Memento Mori

After last week’s lackluster episode, CSI needed to give us something really touching, something that would both reward the loyal fans who have been with the show for years and remind us why we’re still watching. By giving us "Fallen Angels," an episode that almost entirely revolved around our dearly departed Warrick Brown, I feel like they succeeded for the most part. I admit to getting a tiny bit choked up at the end.

Of course, the whole hour would have been made even better if we could have had some flashbacks with Warrick in them, but I understand that there are issues that make it impossible for us to ever see Gary Dourdan on CSI again, which will always be a shame in my book. As it was, we had to settle for a case in which his name came up around every corner of the investigation, to the point where I half expected Morgan to jump into Greg’s arms and yell "G-g-g-ghost!!" a la Scooby Doo. Read More...



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