'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Crucifixed': Out with the new, in with the old?

Tuesday's (Nov. 13) episode of "Sons of Anarchy" featured one of the more brutal scenes in the show's history -- no small feat, that. In addition to the shock value of Otto plunging a crucifix into the nurse's neck, though, it also threw yet another variable into the season's endgame. "Crucifixed" was very much about putting pieces in place for the final run, and putting competing agendas in play. And as things stand now, it looks as though Clay might have a leg up on Jax in that arena, even if Jax is amassing more evidence on the home invasions -- with help from Juice, whose secrets are all in the open now -- with which to bury Clay. On the other hand, Jax has also burned a bridge with the Grim Bastards MC and alienated Bobby to some extent, and his wife is staring at an accessory to murder charge in addition to slowly...



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