'Survivor: Philippines' recap: Penner's psychotherapy saves Lisa - but can he save himself?

After last week's mind-blowing Tribal Council on "Survivor: Philippines", it's no wonder Lisa Whelchel was a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown afterward at camp. But instead of thanking her for scrambling to save them, her Tandang tribemates basically ignored her -- while she was instead consoled by the casualties of her scheming. Malcolm immediately told her he had no hard feelings, and she thanked him for his "grace and mercy." But Penner, playing Dr. Lucy in a Peanuts-style psychiatry booth, counseled Lisa that her need to please people derives from the "toll and cost" of her "extraordinary youth" as a child actor. Reward Challenge The nine remaining Castaways divided into two teams, mirroring their alliances because they picked their members. The last one picked, Abi, had to sit out and wasn't eligible for the reward: a feast by local villagers. (You're welcome, villagers!) The challenge called for each Castaway to crawl through...



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