'The Vampire Diaries'' Candice Accola dishes on Caroline's feelings for Klaus and bond with Stefan

Sometimes it's tough to be a Caroline Forbes fan. "The Vampire Diaries" loves to toy with our emotions! One minute we find out Tyler cheated on our girl with some wolf floozy. The next minute we find out that Tyler did not cheat on Caroline, and the wolf is actually not a floozy but a life-saving master of sire-bond-breaking. One minute Caroline is semi-swooning over a pony drawing Klaus gave her, the next minute she's helping her friends plot his death. We don't know how to feel anymore. Luckily, we've got our girl Candice Accola to set us straight and give us all the scoop on Caroline's current inner turmoil and where she stands in the middle of all the love triangle stuff.Zap2it: Last week it became pretty clear that Caroline and Hayley aren't going to be besties any time soon. Will they join forces for Tyler's sake?Candice: Well... Hayley has a goal that she...



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