So... what about the superpower? :(

remember when Mr. Jones was still alive and claimed Olivia had superpowers?

at first, I thought maybe he really was trying to mess with her head with that bomb that she was supposed to disable with her mind

but then I remembered that guy that made everyone around him feel the same, when she was sleeping the was kinda in his head

so, now we know that the drug really did give some people super powers or something like that

so, it is possible (even very likely) that Olivia has super powers... and now what?

I mean, don't you think it's a real shame that there is not one mention of it so far?

there was the episode with the empath, the episode with the bomb the had to disable, the episode where she was seeing things from an alternate reality ("The road not taken")... and that's it? I feel like they really should talk about it more, don't you?


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Dec 9, 2009 12:23AM EST

I can almost guarantee we will see something in the upcoming episode, or maybe the installment in 2010, about something to do with Olivia's power. When shit hits the fan, potentially in the next episode, I can see Olivia having to use some ability to save the day. It is long overdue, because they made it seem she would be using some sort of mind ability sometime during this season.

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