The X Factor Recap: Songs by the Divas

I’m not saying the gender roles on The X Factor are archaic and stuck forever, but I will say this: In tonight’s introductory montage, each female contestant is shown in the pose you are currently picturing. Head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, uvula fully visible. All the boys are looking directly into the camera, usually playfully swinging an arm. Boys be flirtin’, ladies be beltin’.

Tonight’s theme is "Songs by the Divas." Let me grab my X-Factorese-to-English dictionary. Oh, here we go; that means "songs sung by people who have sung songs." They play a little fast and loose with the rules on this show, is what I’m saying: Freddie Mercury and Katy Perry are divas. Gay people can’t sufficiently entertain you. Khloe Kardashian is a television host. This is the most unconventional show on television, in its way. Unfortunately its way is not "fun." Read More...


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