Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Leslie vs. April”

One of the things that makes Parks and Recreation an enjoyable to watch is the fact that almost nothing is introduced without a later payoff. The show is constantly using new additions to old storylines to bring up things that made us laugh in the past while bringing in a fresh spin on the situation. It’s a tightly wound, beautifully drawn world that takes into account all of the character developments that have occurred over the past 4+ seasons.

The first of these satisfactions is Leslie’s meet and greet with Vice President Joe Biden. Given Leslie’s weirdly entertaining sexual aggression, you knew some sparks were going to fly when she ran into the man that encompasses the entirety of her celebrity sex list. Regardless of your political leanings, you should take the time to appreciate Vice President Biden being a good sport with the whole scene. He serves his purpose effectively and allows Leslie to paw at him in ways that would make a lot of men blush. For her part, Amy Poehler completely sold this scene. I have yet to meet someone from my "list," but I imagine my reaction would be something similar to Leslie’s. Great work (as expected) by Poehler in that scene. Read More...


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