Last Resort Season 1 Review “Nuke It Out”

Well, here we are folks. Unless the ratings dramatically tick up in the coming weeks, this could very well be the half way point of the season, and most likely the whole series. Last Resort is the best new show on TV, and it had yet another awesome episode with "Nuke It Out", but it’s tough not to feel a little frustrated at how poorly it’s been performing in the ratings for ABC. Granted it’s in a very tough time slot, but it’s getting worse ratings than Pan Am did a year ago, and that show didn’t get past it’s first season.

There’s nothing that we can do though besides telling our friends to watch it and enjoying each new episode as it comes. Tonight’s installment picked back up where the last one ended, where we find out that Marcus’ launch key is missing form the submarine. Sam and Marcus continue to look for the key, and everybody on the crew is a suspect. It’s easy to appreciate Sam’s concerns about morale. As if this crew hasn’t gone through enough hardship and drama, now they’re all being searched and accused of being traitors! Read More...


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