Scandal Season 2 Review “Spies Like Us”

I don’t really know how I feel about this week’s Scandal. I’m looking at Olivia in a whole new light, and it’s not a flattering one. The more that gets revealed about her, the less certain I am that she’s really the fixer she claims to be. She’s more like the destroyer.

A few thoughts about "Spies Like Us":

The case of the week started with a bang…literally. And it also had a bit of a twist. Olivia’s client this time wasn’t a politician trying to save face. It was Huck. Well, not just him, but Olivia did it mostly for him. Olivia got a $100,000 check and some sheet music in the mail. The sheet music wasn’t music though. It was a code. As it turns out, the man who sent the code (and blew his brains out in the beginning) was Huck’s handler back when he worked for the CIA. Somehow, a Julian Assange-type guy found out the real names and current aliases of Huck’s old unit, and he was set to release them to the public; along with some of the horrible things they did in the name of national security. After a rather odd meeting with the hacker, Olivia figured out that he didn’t have the information he was planning to leak yet so that had to mean that one of the members of the unit was feeding him information. Olivia called all the spies to the office so they could figure it out, and it turned into a rather interesting and twisted locked room-esque mystery. Ultimately, the spy who had reinvented himself as a doctor was the leak. Harrison was able to retrieve the information he was about to turn over before any damage could be done. Huck made a valiant effort to try to talk his "friends" into letting the doctor live, but the sniper (and mother of 3) took him out anyway. Read More...


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