Glee Season 2 Review “Glease”

The Grease musical production is in full swing on this week’s Glee, ‘Glease’, and, as is the show’s way, everyone has started living the plot-lines and breaking into song all over the place.

Will is still leaving at the end of the week (but only for a few weeks, we hear), and there are vastly different reactions from the Glee Club and Sue to this news. Maybe quite rightly, Sue’s in a stink over Finn being allowed to teach at McKinley, and his bigoted outburst last week hasn’t helped matters. This is one of those times when Sue actually has a point, as Finn is indeed just a recent high school graduate with no qualifications. Then again, we’re welcoming back old students left, right and center. Isn’t this supposed to be a school production? I kind of understand Mercedes and Mike helping out, but why is Santana allowed to play Rizzo? Read More...


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