Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Critical”

Person of Interest has had some great guest stars, like Amy Acker and Enrico Colantoni, but this week, it brought on board Julian Sands, who once swept Helena Bonham Carter off her feet in A Room With A View. In tonight’s episode, Sands stepped into the shoes of Alistair Wesley, a possible former MI6 agent who is now engaged in shady operations in the private sector. Wesley and Reese come from similar backgrounds, but have gone down different paths. In other words, Reese finally got his very own nemesis!

Hopefully, this new dynamic will inject some life into Reese, who is starting to feel stagnant. Not having a family (or any loved ones), having to obscure his identity, and punishing himself for some yet unknown reason, are starting to drag Reese down. Wesley may give Reese a reason to snap out of it and focus on a longer term problem – in other words, what is Wesley’s real agenda. Read More...


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