The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” — Elena vs Wickery Bridge Pt 3

Oh, Elena. That girl’s gone off Wickery Bridge so many times they might as well install a bungee rope just for her. In ‘We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes’, The Vampire Diaries explored how killing a hunter of the Five drives the murderer so insane that they kill themselves. Cue Elena having visions of Connor, as well as her mother, and even Katherine, all of whom voiced thoughts that Elena has turned into a monster and should kill herself. Cue an attempt to fry herself on Wickery Bridge at sunrise, Damon swooping in tosave the day by, uh, sweeping her off the bridge.

While there were parts of this episode that I enjoyed, I still have to chalk it up as the episode where TVDmade a pretty big mistake. The episode was spent convincing Elena — and by proxy, the audience — that she has brought nothing but misery and death to the people she knows and her/their loved ones just by existing. All very good points. So good, in fact, that I found the ending frustrating. Why should Elena live? Damon (who loves her and is therefore biased) saved Elena’s life, but there was no reasoning for Elena’s survival. TVD should make us want her to survive for a better reason than ‘love saves the day again’. Read More...


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