The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The 43 Peculiarity” – Sheldon’s Hour Off

Did Sheldon solve the question of the meaning of the universe in "The 43 Peculiarity," this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, by finding that Douglas Adams was off by one number? Were you surprised that it took Howard and Raj hours to even draw that connection, when it was probably the first thing that came to your mind?

After realizing that Sheldon disappeared into a Caltech basement room every day for twenty minutes and no one had any idea what he was up to, the heterosexual life partners set out to solve the mystery by grossly invading their friend’s privacy. The number 43 was the only clue Sheldon left behind and the boys agonized over it, finally deciding to set up a hidden camera to catch Sheldon activities. Read More...


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