Grimm Season 2 “Season Of The Hexenbiest” Review – The Fall Finale

Tonight’s fall finale of Grimm packed in as much drama and as many cliffhangers as it possibly could. Adalind is back in town and doesn’t wait long before she shows up and Hank’s door with assassins in tow. Adalind tries her innocent woman act but things don’t really work on Hank this time since he knows about Nick and all the wesen that populate Portland. He doesn’t let Adalind in on his little secret, though. Instead, he just plays it cool, let’s her say her piece, and then heads back into the house… where he is promptly beaten nearly to death.

Nick has other issues going on… Juliette tells him that she’s having feelings for another man, but doesn’t tell him who the guy is. Nick decides at the last minute that he doesn’t want to know who the mystery man is and instead leaves Juliette at home while he goes to crash in the trailer. It’s then that he gets the news that Hank is hospitalized and that Adalind is back in town. Read More...


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