Fringe Season 5 Review “Five-Twenty-Ten”

After last week’s bottle-ish episode, many people weren’t excited about the slow moving pace of this crazy plot given the short run of episodes in Fringe’s final season. While I enjoyed the trip to the pocket universe last week, I feel like this week’s episode is far more in line with what the final season of Fringeshould look like. It was a well-paced hour that featured some introspective work from our characters, some cool effects, a return of an old favorite, and the continued Observeration (I copyright that term!) of Peter Bishop.

More and more, I find myself really enjoying Peter’s storyline. It has so many different angles and nuances to it. Through Peter, Fringe is exploring humanity, the things that war makes us do, and the idea of who will save us from ourselves. I admit I wasn’t 100% on board with the Peter to Observer move, but all of these different angles have completely sold me. The final idea is the one I kept thinking about throughout tonight’s episode. Charged by revenge and the hubris that engulfs all Bishop men, Peter has made more and more decisions that have caused his humanity to quickly degrade. While he’s become an extremely efficient weapon for the Resistance, he’s also losing himself as his character makeup changes. It seems likely that Peter will continue to slip away from us before ultimately finding redemption, much like September did, before the end of the series. As his wife walks away from him at the end of the episode, you realize that there may not be any hope for the humanity of Peter Bishop. He has done this do himself, and it cannot be undone. Read More...


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