CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Late Admissions”

This week’s "CSI: NY," entitled "Late Admissions," was one of my favorite kinds of "CSI" episodes- the ones that make no sense on the surface and only get crazier as the episode progresses. Though they’d be hard-pressed to top that one "CSI" involving cannibalistic cheerleaders, this was a pretty solid entry, nicely juxtaposed with another sort of mystery: the reason behind Lindsay’s mysterious visit back homeout of the blue, and why she won’t talk to anyone about it.

We opened with a montage of a kid doing drugs before taking his standardized tests. As he looked around the classroom, it seemed like maybe he wasn’t the only one doing so. Was it some weird hazing stunt of some kind? Some sort of brain-enhancing drug, like in that movie "Limitless"? These bath salts I keep hearing about? Smarties? More importantly, would cannibalism be involved? Fingers crossed! Read More...



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