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Merlin Series 5 Review “A Lesson in Vengeance” — There’s a Traitor in Arthur’s Midst…

In this week’s Merlin the characters get ‘A Lesson in Vengeance’. Morgana continues her attempts to assassinate Arthur by having Gwen set up two different scenarios.

The first scenario involved spooking Arthur’s horse, thereby throwing Arthur from the saddle, and having some mercenaries take him out when he was caught unawares. This failed. In the second scenario, Morgana slipped Gwen some poisons for her to use on Arthur. She did so, and it was only thanks to Merlin’s magic that Arthur survived.

The latter was when Gwen (whom Merlin suspected of being the traitor by this point) accused Merlin of trying to kill Arthur and had him thrown in the cells. This lead to Merlin using his Dragoon disguise in order to get out to go and save Arthur. It was hilarious — though the second scene with the cook dragged Dragoon’s caustic wit out a little too long — and made Merlin being tossed in the cells worthwhile. Read More...

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