Dexter Season 7 Review “Argentina”

"That’s how love is. It’s a powerful weapon. It can work for us or against us, can’t it?" – Isaak
"I don’t understand much about love." – Dexter
"Well that’s because you’re a scientist. Love defies reason." – Isaak
"Nothing defies reason." – Dexter

Wow! Well, that’s not what I was expecting at all!

Dexter returned tonight with the stellar episode "Argentina" after leaving us with the big cliffhanger last week: Deb asking Dex to kill Hannah! After such an intense and gut-wrenching final scene last week, I expected tonight’s installment to start off on a much darker tone.

However, we got quite the opposite. It was very fun seeing Dexter and Yvonne enjoy their morning together, making omelettes and sharing smiles. It really is great that Dexter’s found somebody who he doesn’t have to hide his homicidal tendencies from, and he can openly share his preference for butcher knives without sounding like a psycho. Read More...


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