The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Hounded”

The Walking Dead returned tonight with yet another awesome installment to season three with "Hounded". This episode sees quite a few major storylines moving forward, with most of them being awesome, and a couple of them being…not so awesome.

Starting out with the not so awesome, the episode begins with yet another ridiculous Michonne scene. Merle is taking three other guys out to go track down Michonne, when Michonne drops from the freaking sky! She decapitates poor Tim and then uses his buddy Crowley as a human shield! I was concerned that introducing a character this "Comic booky" to a show this realistic and gritty would be tough, and that definitely seems to be the case. She’s getting more and more unbelievable as the show goes on, so I’m really hoping seeing her introduced to our main group will help bring her back down to earth. Read More...


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