The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “We Was Robbed”

The Amazing Race picked up from last week’s cliff-hanger, when Abba and James checked into the pit stop only to be turned away because Abba left his passport in a taxi cab. It was surprising, and in some ways inspiring, that James did not get upset with Abba and did not blame him for their potential elimination. They lucked out as it was a non-elimination leg, but it was still unclear how they would be able to get a passport quickly enough to keep racing.

I was anxious to see if anyone was going to be crazy enough to pick the movers task. Sure enough, the Chippendales and Lexi and Trey opted for this difficult challenge. I was impressed by how well both teams did. I’m not sure I could have done those crazy low kicks. While it was hilarious when Natalie ripped her pants, my favorite moment of the episode was the professor laughing at Ryan as he struggled to finish the time zone challenge. Ryan completed over 20 tests incorrectly and was unwilling to even consider that he was misunderstanding the challenge. By contrast, it was a relief to see the Beekman boys finally not struggle through the challenges. Read More...


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