Family Guy Season 11 Review “Joe’s Revenge”

For its 201st episode, "Family Guy" finally showed how Joe really was crippled in "Joe’s Revenge."Turns out he was working undercover and when he was exposed- a ginormous tape recorder strapped awkwardly to his chest in an amusing visual pun- the man responsible had shot his legs to shreds. It was not, as he informed the guys, because he "fell off a roof during a fight with the Grinch." The culprit’s name? Bobby Briggs. Ordinarily I wouldn’t think it more than a happenstance that he shared a name with a character on "Twin Peaks," but what with that show’s co-creator David Lynch a semi-regular voice-over artist on "The Cleveland Show," I’m guessing it wasn’t a coincidence at all, though beyond a name, the two didn’t seem too connected. Read More...


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