American Dad Season 8 Review “American Stepdad”

There’s something a little frustrating about an episode of American Dad in which Roger wears one costume for the entire time, and it’s a boring one. At first, I assumed his balding yoga instructor was a one-off, a funny gag for the opening of "American Stepdad," but no way was he going to be the center of the A plot. But then he was. And while it didn’t stop the episode from being funny, I can’t say it was fun in the way that the more gonzo Roger characters can be.

Of course, being American Dad, there’s no shortage of gonzo-osity elsewhere in the episode, particularly in Steve’s subplot. It starts with a plane crash (Barry’s insistence that they "keep it wet" like a beached whale was pretty great), and only gets less believable from there. The whole thing is just an excuse to dig into the Fast and Furious series, and especially the (very much present) homoerotic undercurrent in those movies. They find a script for the next sequel filled with explicit gay sex, which they edit out before taking it to Hollywood, where they somehow get a meeting and find out the truth: they need to film the explicit parts, and then edit them out later for American audiences. Also, the producer they meet with has tiny legs, and fake legs that he props up on his desk. Read More...


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