The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Here Comes the Judge”

This episode of The Good Wife was ok. It didn’t thrill me, but it was alright. I’m kind of liking Amanda Peet and I think it’ll be fun to watch her and Will go head to head a few times.

A few thoughts about "Here Comes the Judge":

The case of the week was kind of different. Will and Co. were defending a woman accused of having her lover murder her husband. Will bumped into the judge in a bar having a few drinks. The judge made biased statements about Will and his client; basically calling Will a liar and a thief and saying that hisclient was guilty. Will naturally took offense and made a motion for the judge to recues himself. The judgerefused, so Will and Co. filed a motion to have another judge determine whether judge 1 was actually biased. So essentially, we were watching a trial within a trial. The judge decided to testify during the trial and lied on the stand. He said he’d never said any of the things he said to Will. As it turns out, the judgewasn’t actually lying. He was an alcoholic and was most likely suffering a blackout when he said those things to Will, so he truly did not recall saying them. I think Will was justified in asking the judge to remove himself because, initially, Will had no idea that the judge was an alcoholic. The only thing Will could go on was what the judge said. But it doesn’t negate the fact that they pulled out and aired all of the judge’s dirty laundry in an effort to prove their case. What is legally the right thing to do isn’t necessarily morally the right thing to do. Read More...


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