Parks and Recreation Review: "Leslie vs. April"

It's rare to see Leslie and April on opposing sides of an argument, but tonight's episode really showed us just how entertaining it is to watch Leslie and April go toe to toe in "Leslie vs. April."  Granted, I don't entirely buy that Leslie would think April's idea to use Lot 48 as a dog park is a terrible idea. In fact, I think Leslie would love this idea. She'd be thrilled just to see Lot 48 being used as anything besides a pit.  So, this plot idea is a bit contrived, but it is worthwhile to see April and Leslie sling insults at each other left and right.  And to see them make up across the conference table.

I will basically buy anything April Ludgate is selling, including her passionate plea about a dog park and the apology and embarrassed smile she gives Leslie across the conference table. It's thrilling to see her character grow and put forth such effort for an important cause that doesn't start and end with herself or her husband, Andy. Read More...


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