'30 Rock' Recap: It's 'Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy'

I'm a little devastated. It seems Liz Lemon won't be able to have it all after all, no matter how many times she's insisted it in elevators and mid-sandwich at the airport over the last seven years. Now that we know she's getting married in the Nov. 29 episode, does that mean she'll be leaving "TGS"?

All wild speculation aside, time to get to business:

This week, Jack Donaghy was baffled when his go-to phrases were endlessly quoted back at him ("Gabe, Google 'Jack Donaghy' and 'black laughter.'"), until he discovered that he's the villain in Tracy Jordan's latest "Aunt Phatso" movie. What's more, there was already a sequel in the works. Furious, Jack demanded that it be scrapped, which angered Tracy, who said Jack didn't respect him even though they were essentially the same. To prove his point that he had just as much power, Tracy made a huge donation to the New York Philharmonic and had them play the theme song of "Sanford and Son" for four hours straight, ruining the concert for Jack. In response, Jack brought in a Japanese and a German attorney (the German one played by "30 Rock" executive producer Robert Carlock) and told Tracy he'll sue him for libel if he goes ahead with his sequel. However, since nearly all of Villain Jack's actions and lines in the movie were true to what Actual Jack says and does, Tracy ptoved he doesn't have a case. The only thing that happened in the film that Jack hadn't actually done was shutting down an orphanage, until he realized that the funding of the film was tied up in an orphanage in Knuckle Beach. As a result, Jack can't sue to shut down the film without also closing the orphanage, and if he shut down the orphanage, he no longer had a libel case. And that's the tale of how Tracy Jordan bested Jack Donaghy. Read More...



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