Lipstick Jungle Season 2, Episode 3: "Let it Be"

Last night's episodes had some major developments for all of the characters. Highlights include:

* Wendy got fired for forging the signatures

* Nico and Kirby struggled to go public with their relationship

* Victory told Joe Bennett she's over him and slept with Rodrigo

* Joe goes to London for an extended trip

* New boss at Matrick and it's not Nico / Mike

Personally I loved it, what did you guys think?

You can read a full episode recap at Let it Be.


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Oct 9, 2008 11:26AM EDT

i really liked this episode ! Now its getting more rough for the girls and not everything is super shiny, a bit more how its in real life ;)
Ive been in a similar situation as wendy, making decisions from the heart, rather than from a company point of view and got fired as well for that. I am really looking forward to see how Wendy deals with it.
Hope Victory stays with Rodrigo, he seems a decent guy that may keep her more grounded.
Nicos move was super smart, but the new guy, wow, tough one.
all looking good, keeps people interesting in watching the show

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