Saturday Night Live Recap: Chris Christie, King of New York

The challenge of making an unfunny actor funny was front and center this week, with the result being whatever is one level below "mixed bag." As ever, there were high points, mostly involving Weekend Update and/or Cecily Strong. Moreover, there were so many missed opportunities. How do you have Maroon 5 as your musical guest and fail to rope Adam Levine into a sketch about American Horror Story OR The Voice? Also, the choice to parody The Avengers over The Bourne Legacy may have been dictated by the wild popularity of the former versus the more mild success of the latter, but it just reminded us of how great a MacGruber vs. Bourne sketch would have been if Will Forte were still around. Alas.

Sketch of the Night

The shot kicked things off with its strongest material in the cold open. Obviously they were going to tackle the Petraeus scandal, but this "Booknotes" segment, with Cecily Strong's Paula Broadwell reading selections from her biography All In, felt like the freshest possible take. The Fifty Shades of Grey streak running through Strong's deadpan reading — "like most people, my feelings about erotic asphyxiation have always been somewhat complicated" — killed two birds with one stone. Plus, in any context, the phrase "Tampa Bay socialite Jill Kelly" is hilarious. Read More...


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